Thursday, January 17, 2008

guess he showed me ..huh?

I getting pretty set-up with my online present...The shady web Snake of a person really screwing me over...I'm trying to get control. I paid half down($250)for a
3-page website..

He created a Free Blog with "clearblogs" and put it on my website,

hell, I have my damn FREE blogs...and if I had wanted a blog, hell, I have a "go daddy" account.. but, I didn't tell him...thinking It could be switched later..

Well he made the blog a website pages, ask_Bev.html, .. not a's a page, with sponsored Links, google adsense LINKs, they are ads that's paying him ....

He has been getting paid for the pass 6 months....

I didn't get it until now..why he got so messy on the phone , down right pissy when for the fourth time, I inquire about the design.. what I know we had agreed upon... it took about 23 days for him to run this crap.....and then told me that he was not going to do anything else, not even give me a copy of the Complete website files.

He Refused to even talk to me. . Hung the phone up on me..

I feel so stuck on stupid.. and then to discover that he has control of the blog and earning money.. income from my website.. that I am Paying monthly for...

Imagine this,

I can't even log into the blog, I'm not a member, don't know the username, don't know the email address or password, and the blog's URL is my salon's name

I'm trying to now to do a "Ftp'" the files to my computer, but Html codes errors..

Maybe it by the judge...
This is the website that I like,
plus I've been working on this site for over a years.

View my site, go here,

This is what I asked for,

It's Just a beauty salon website.

I guess by now, you know that I'm a hairStylist, and the founder of HAIRSTYLIST.COM, domain, since 1997...

He emailed this link to me after about 4 or 5 days..
Here's what he started.

We talked about 3 more time, then I couldn't reach him for 2 weeks,(no one answered the office telephone) I thought he was still working on the site...

until then....

and he had the nerve to tell me. ... don't call him again...

guess he showed me ..huh

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