Monday, August 27, 2012

Damn You Sprint, I DO HAIR.

 Sprint, This is bad business, but you know that, already, Right?. 
I'm a business account, with 3 cellphones and none of them work.  Sprint, damn you for the scam.
N Tune2 Beauty
I enjoy helping total strangers to look better.
  I DO HAIR... I'm a Hairstylist, with beauty salons, websites, blogs, Facebook, twitter everything.  Founder of "N Tune 2 Beauty", a Spa for hair. ,
I'm the passionate expert that other people turn to for advice.

I Create & Design HAIRSTYLES Exclusively for YOU.
*Customized HAIR-WEAVES
   *Personalized HAIRCOLORING
      *Creative HAIR-CUTS
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nTune2Beauty said...

Still need a Credit for down time ..Sprint owe Inglewood neighbors in the zip code 90302, 90301 and others.

nTune2Beauty said...

No Rule game...Unfair to me.

nTune2Beauty said...

You Can Love Me or Hate Me, Promise It Won't Make Me or Break Me.

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